Girls Coding Academy

The Girls Coding Academy is created by CodeCougars team consisting of UH Faculty from College of Education, College of Natural Science and Mathematics, and UH STEM Center. 

The main purpose of this innovative program is to promoting/teaching computer science (CS) topics espcially coding to girls in Middle School. 

The Girls Coding Academy teaches following subjects:

  • Coding with Scratch
  • Introduction to Python Programming Language
  • Web Development/HTML/CSS
  • Microbit Programming

Girls Coding Academy is sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute at University of Houston and hosted by UH STEM Center and Department of Curriculum & Instruction at College of Education at University of Houston.

Pedagogy and Instructional Strategies

  • Interactive curriculum specifically designed for the needs of the population served.
  • A curriculum focuses on developing participants basic to advanced coding skills through a scaffolding strategy.
  • Age-appropriate curriculum designed for target population by expert curriculum and instructional designers.
  • Training of all camp counselors and instructors with latest pedagogical concern at this age group, coding skills, and virtual instruction technology

  • Mentoring Model: Graduate and Undergraduate University of Houston Students serve as Mentors and set a role model for our campers. 

What sets this program apart from similar programs?

  • Small group Instructions ( 5-6 students per instructor)
  • 1-on-1 help and instruction time in small group setting
  • A comprehensive program designed by experienced faculty members from University of Houston
  • Research-based program structure and curriculum
  • Project based and community solution focused coding challenges
  • Graduate and Undergraduate University of Houston Students as Camp Counselors (Mentors)
  • Interns from are High Schools as assistants
  • Support from University of Houston Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Data Science Institute (DSI)
  • Students create e-portfolio to showcase their work
  • Students learn web design and development skills in addition to programming skills.



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